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FIFPRO: Dani Hatakka is combining three "jobs"

Dani Hatakka balances his full-time career as a professional footballer with both his studies through the FIFPRO Online Academy and his role as chairman of the board of Finnish Players Association JPY.

After three years on the board the FC Honka defender was promoted to the position of Chair in May, a duty that he will fulfil while writing his Bachelor’s thesis and attempting to qualify for the first ever UEFA Europa Conference League.

While the 27-year-old admits that he has a full plate, he maintains that an organised work schedule helps him to comfortably balance all aspects of his life and explore his interests off the pitch without impacting his performance.

“In football you approach each and every match by trying to be the best version of yourself, giving 100 per cent at training and being prepared for whatever might come your way. I try to implement this ethos in my responsibilities outside of football as well – whether this is researching all that there is to know for an upcoming board meeting or knowing a subject inside out before sitting down in front of an exam paper.

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