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Notice of the move, electric contract, telephone connection, network

When you arrive in Finland from other country and culture it’s natural that daily basics might be different than your home country or any other country where you have lived before. Quite often when you arrive here as a professional football player, the club has organized housing for you. It might include to your contract but if not, you have better be aware that the housing in Finland might be expensive. Especially in Helsinki and other
big cities. A rent and other housing costs usually take a large part of the salary.

In any case when you have moved to Finland and you have got your place to live, apartment or a house, you must do a notice of move.
You can do it here: on Digital and population data services agency web sites.

An electric contract

If you have to do your own rental agreement and the club is not organizing your housing, you have to take care that you have also an electric contract. Electric prices are changing actively in the current world situation. This might cause extra costs for housing, which you should be prepared. There are many different firms where you can do an electric contract.

Here are a couple of examples:

Phone and network

Phone and a network are nowadays taken a big part in our weekdays. To minimize costs of calling and using a network with your phone, you have better to do a subscription agreement with the Finnish operator. Having a Finnish number and network helps you a lot in daily basics in Finland. You choose the best one for you after getting know the different options.

Here is couple of examples: